HVISK ATELIER is a place to be creative - and to get inspired. At HVISK we meet a lot of artists on social media and in our ATELIER we ask them to interpret our collections and express them through their art. Their interpretations inspire us to look at our collections and what we do in a different way - and hopefully they inspire you too. For this ATELIER collaboration we teamed up with the Danish and Copenhagen based girl, Hanni Gohr. ABOUT HANNI GOHR

Hanni Gohr is based in Copenhagen but lived more than a decade abroad while modelling. Settling in NY was where her creativity came to surface and the collages become more of a medium to express herself that just at hobby while traveling. Lately she has been exploring videos collages, as you can se in HVISK Atelier collab.

“I do not see myself as an artist, but more of an experimenter. I don’t plan, I try & I feel” - Hanni Gohr

Her personal dream is a children's book in a near future with collages on every page.


The dogma was that the fall21 bags had to have a presence in the creations, otherwise I was free to create what I wanted. My first thought was, what does a bag hold? In a cosmic sense, it mirrors us as people, it holds tokens of your past & the old mythical statues symbolizes that. Also, bags are stuffed with all things vain & I exaggerated our vanity by enlarging & multiplying the campaign images. There is an element of nature in most my collages, because I am drawn to nature & I see nature as our hope & future. A bag of past, presence & future.

I have been obsessing over the wind and with Autumn comes windy weather. It always leaves me with a bit of sadness when Summer drifts away with the Autumn winds. But then the image, that wind is a powerful catalyst for new beginnings, started to occur. Inhaling it’s strength and letting the wind storm through my body & mind, is what I want to execute in these videos. Power. 

I love nostalgia & finding images that holds pieces of history inspires me. Old history books that I find in the cheap sections in thrift stores are little treasures to me. Also, finding an old big stock of cellophane in my mother’s house, was simply grand. I loved the use of cellophane (what a beautiful word btw) as see-through giftwrapping in the 80s. I especially love the colorful ones and I added that glossy third dimension to the collages to mirror a painted lacquered feel.