Stylist conditions

Stylist Conditions

This handbook has been written for all hvisk stylists, and describes the rules and guidelines we have for you. It also explains how to use the systems and functions essential to being a successful hvisk stylist.


1. Application

2. Jewellery Box

3. hvisk Create

4. Copyright for Photos

5. Photos and Comments Field

6. Tact and Tone

7. The Benefit System

8. Affiliate Agreement

9. Social Media

10. Cancellation

1. Application

Once you have applied to become a stylist, under ‘Become a stylist!’ on, your application will be assessed by the team. You will receive an email reply to your application, which can take up to five working days. Your stylist profile will be set up on as soon as you have been approved. NB! Please be aware that your stylist profile will only visible to visitors and featured inthestylistgalleryonce you have uploaded four ‘Be Inspired’ photos, three ‘Benefit-Approved’ stylings, and six favourite products.


2. Jewellery Box

The Jewellery Box is an exclusive offer for stylists enabling them to choose new jewellery to style with. The Jewellery Box will be updated with fresh pieces monthly. Read more about the terms and conditions and borrowing policy below.


Shipping & Return

All shipping costs are paid by hvisk,thusitis completely free for our stylists to borrow from the jewellery box! The stylist cannot retrieve jewellery directly from hvisk.


Borrowing Terms

The stylist must order the jewellery from the Box themselves. You can select a maximum of five items, which will be placed in the shopping basket. We need your account details as a deposit for the jewellery we are lending you. We earmark a hold of DKK 1 on the stylist’s account, which will be removed when the jewellery is returned to hvisk in the same condition as it was sent out. 

After accepting these terms by entering a delivery address and account details, we will send the jewellery out to you within three working days. Jewellery can be borrowed for up to ten days. This means that from the time we receive your order, we must receive the returned goods back within ten days.


Late Delivery of Borrowings

If borrowed items are returned late, the full cost of the jewellery will be deducted from the applicable payment card. However, it is important to point out that the stylist will receive two reminder emails stating that the borrowed items must be returned by the specified date. If the stylist does not reply to either of these, the money will be deducted.

If a stylist knows that his or her borrowed items will be delivered late, an email explaining the reason why should be sent to

Naturally, delays or errors can occur. If you have any problems or issues, please contact use via email ( or by phone (+ 45 3110 22 20). We advise all stylists to obtain proof of postage when returning borrowed items.


Damaged or Lost Jewellery

Stylists must take good care of all borrowed jewellery. Should the jewellery get stolen or lost, the stylist must pay for the items in full.

If an item of jewellery is returned from a lending period and is not in the same condition as upon dispatch, hvisk will decide whether this is a warranty issue or is due to incorrect use or damage.


3. hvisk Create

As well as borrowing jewellery from the jewellery box for stylings, stylists have the option to create collage stylings in hvisk Create!

In hvisk Create, you can put together a collage with cut-outs of hvisk pieces and different stylish backgrounds. Stylists can use this tool to make their own unique looks to decorate their profile.

Collages are counted in the Benefit System as regular stylings with jewellery from the Jewellery Box. Therefore, it's important for stylists to remember to tag the pieces used in the collage. 

4. Copyright for photos

When stylists upload a photo to, it becomes the property of hvisk. You hereby agree to hvisk using the photo in connectionwithmarketingandother activities associated with hvisk.


5. Photos and Comments Field

As a hvisk stylist, you can combine your own outfits and accessories with our jewellery. It is an advantage to show your individual style,creativemindset,and looks that highlight your personality. However, these must not contain clear advertisements for other brands.

Next to each uploaded styling is a comments field, where followers, customers, and other interested parties can comment and ask about the styling, products, or other aspects of the look. We encourage our stylist to respond and answer the relevant questions.


6. Tact and Tone

We wish for to be a comfortable, happy place for our stylists and for anyone who would like to be inspired.We therefore ask you to maintain a positive tone on It is not permitted to write posts and upload pictures that:

  • …are unlawful (i.e. defamatory, breach the Copyright Act or similar).
  • …attack a specific person using their name, or have the character of such.
  • …contain strong or offensive language.
  • …look like SPAM.

hvisk reserves the right to delete comments if they do not comply with the above-mentioned rules.

If you experience any violations of these rules, please contact hvisk immediately by email or phone. 


7. The Benefit System

The Benefit System refers to of all the advantages you can get as an hvisk stylist. We reward you in two ways: by offering you discounts up to 50%* on, and by converting your stylings, affiliate sales, and visitors from your links into points that you can use in our stylist shop.

The stylist shop consists of hvisk jewellery and products from other brands, for which you can get discounts of up to 70%!

 **Some T&Cs - you’ll get 50% off sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, and rhodinated sterling silver. On 14-carat gold with diamonds or precious stones, you’ll get 25%.

When our team has approved a stylist, he or she will have access to their profile, as well as the Jewellery Box from which they can borrow jewellery. Furthermore, the stylist will have access to other tools that make being a stylist fun and easy!

 To begin with, the stylist’s profile will not be visible to anyone but the stylist. The profile will become visible to others and featured in our Stylist Gallery when the stylist has uploaded four ‘Be Inspired’ photos, three ‘Benefit-Approved’ stylings, and six favourite products. 


Styling Categories & Points

 When a stylist uploads a styling, the photo will automatically be approved, after which our stylist team will assess the styling based on the following four categories:

‘Approved’ – When a styling is uploaded, the photo will be automatically approved and showcased on the stylist’s personal stylist profile. The styling is not initially incorporated in the Benefit System and therefore not included in the discount agreement or point system. From here, stylists can start sharing their looks on social media.

‘Benefit-Approved’ – When a styling is particularly inspiring, creative, and correctly tagged, our team will categorize it as ‘Benefit-Approved’. The styling will be displayed on the stylist’s profile and hvisk’s public All Stylings page. ‘Benefit-Approved’ stylings count in the discount agreement and give the stylist 10 points. Three of these looks are required for the stylist to be featured in our Stylist Gallery.

‘Benefit-Approved + Product Displayed’ – If our team judge a styling to be of very good quality, they may categorize it as ‘Benefit Approved + Product Displayed’. This means it will be used as an inspirational photo for the particular product the stylist has tagged. These stylings are equally included in the Benefit System and points system, so the stylist earns 10 points.

'Recommended by the Stylist Team' – If our team judge a styling to be of outstanding quality, they may recommend the styling and the stylist will receive a bonus 250 points.

‘Rejected’ – A styling can be declined. In such instances, the stylist will receive an email with a reason for the rejection, and have an opportunity to edit their look and try again.

To qualify for the Benefit System, the stylist’s stylings must be original, with at least one piece of hvisk jewellery tagged by name.


Point-Generating activities

There are five ways to generate points for the stylist shop:

- By uploading a ‘Benefit-Approved’ styling: 10 points.

- By uploading a Recommended styling: 250 points.

- By linking 50 visitors’ traffic: 50 points.

- By generating a sale: the stylist receives points corresponding the product’s value.

- The stylist team will run competitions on the stylist-exclusive Facebook page every week, where it will be possible to win additional points.



- Three ‘Benefit-Approved’ stylings within 90 days -

When the stylist has uploaded three ‘Benefit-Approved’ stylings, the stylist will receive a 20% discount on sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver and rhodinated pieces. On 14-carat gold jewellery, the stylist will receive a 10% discount.

A styling remains ‘Benefit-Approved’ for 90 days. If the oldest of the three most recent ‘Benefit-Approved’ stylings has exceeded 90 days, the stylist loses the 20% discount.


- 500 points within 180 days -

Stylists must regularly provide content to their profile. Content can consist of personal stylings, generated visitor sessions, and collages from hvisk Create. When a stylist has received 500 points within 180 days from such content, the stylist will receive an additional 15% discount.*

*One point lasts for 180 days. If the stylist doesn’t receive any new points within 180 days, the 15% discount is lost. A discount of 7.5% is earned on 14-carat gold.


- 1000 points within 180 days -

 When a stylist has received 1000 points within 180 days, the stylist will receive an additional 15%* discount, giving a total discount of 50%.

*One point lasts for 180 days. If the stylist doesn’t receive any new points within 180 days, the 15% discount is lost. A discount of 7.5% is earned on 14-carat gold.


The Stylist Shop

Points generated by stylists can be used in the stylist shop. In the shop, stylists will find hvisk jewellery as well as products from other brands, for which you can get discounts of up to 70%. The stylist is also able to withdraw their points as a cash value.

New items are added to the stylist shop every month.



Benefit System Ceiling

To avoid abuse of the Benefit System, a stylist can purchase a maximum DKK 5000 (£528) of discounted jewellery annually. A stylist’s discount code is personal and must ONLY be used to buy jewellery for the stylist and his or her personal use.


8. Affiliate Agreement

When a stylist has uploaded three ‘Benefit-Approved’ stylings, he or she is offered an affiliate agreement.

An affiliate agreement with hvisk means that the stylist can profit from sales generated by the links they have shared on various social media. This means that the stylist gets 15%* in commission on all purchases in the webshop generated from the stylist’s affiliated links.**

* 7.5% is earned on 14 karat gold jewellery.

** The sales commission is without discount and calculated exclusive of VAT.


When the stylist is logged into, there will be a “drawer” on the top right-hand side of the screen labelled ‘hvisk’. Click on it to see your personal affiliate link, which should be copied to your hvisk profile and social media posts to lead your followers and visitors to the web shop. The link should be present every time you share pictures, competitions, promotions, or other content.

Whenever a customer clicks on the link, they will be taken tohvisk’sweb shop, and a cookie is automatically set up associated with the person's IP address. This cookie remains for 45 days. If the customer buys jewellery on within those 45 days, the stylist earns 15% of the item’s price in commission.  

When the stylist has received 300 likes across her photos and content, the sales commission increases by 5% to a total sales commission of 20%*. 

*The sales commission increases by 2.5% on 14 karat gold, giving the stylist a total commission of 10%.


Termination of Affiliate Agreement

The stylist can terminate the affiliate agreement at any time by sending an email to stylist@hvisk.comwith her details and reasons for terminating the agreement.

Equally, hvisk reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the stylist at any time. This will only happen in rare cases if a stylist repeatedly breaches our guidelines or does not live up to our expectations of cooperation.



A stylist can access their affiliate account on, under ‘My Account’. Here, the stylist can see his or her earnings and choose to have it paid into an external account, or credited to his or her hvisk account.

The payment of sales commission is made at different times depending on the request of the stylist.If the stylist requests payment of the commission by the 20th of the month, it will be paid within the same month.

If the stylist requests payment of the commission after the 20th of the month, it will be paid the following month.

You must earn a minimum of DKK 100 and enter a social security number for payment to be made. Stylists who enter an affiliate agreement will be taxed with B-tax and are responsible for reporting their earnings to the appropriate tax authorities.


9. Social Media 

When a stylist uploads a photo to his or her hvisk profile, they can choose to share the photo on Facebook, Pinterest, and/or email by clicking on the icons below the photo.

A stylist can also share content on Facebook by copying and pasting the URL from their post on Facebook will automatically generate a photo, which the stylist can then post to their Facebook profile. In this way, the stylist can redirect followers from Facebook to their hviskstylistprofile.

If a stylist wishes to share the photo on Instagram, it should be uploaded directly to Instagram. Hashtags such as @hvisk, #hvisk #hviskstyling #hviskjewellery and #hviskstylist can be added. It is deemed as an advantage to make use of hashtags, as the stylist’s photos will be easier to find and search for, which will help the stylist to reach a wider audience.

The stylist can also connect their Instagram profile to their hvisk stylistprofile, by entering a link to it in their Instagram bio. This enables followers from Instagram to see the stylist’s page on It is advisable to keep Instagram and hvisk profile names the same, so it will be easier for Instagram followers to find the stylist’s profile on


10. Cancellation

The stylist is not bound by contract and can cancel at any time. If you no longer wish to be a stylist at hvisk, please send an email to stating your stylist name and your reason for the cancellation. Thestylist profile will then be removed. Any stylist photos used in the marketing of hvisk are the property of hvisk and will continue to appear on the website.

Equally, hvisk can terminate astylist, but will always give a 30-day notice period. 

Last updated March 2016.



hvisk offers a 30-day return policy on all items. The item must be returned to hvisk within 30 days of receipt. The item must be returned in the same condition as when it was received and hvisk are unable to cover the return costs. This means that the item must be unused, with all original hvisk packaging and labels, and the item must not be damaged. The right of withdrawal will lapse if you use the item in a way that clearly reduces its sales value. (What about earrings? Usually pierced earrings are non-refundable.)

Once hvisk has received your return, the full amount you paid for the product (including the original dispatch costs, although not the return costs) will be credited on to your account within approximately seven working days. For payments made by credit card, refunds are made to the same account.




hvisk thoroughly checks all goods before they are dispatched. However, should there be any defects in the product or errors in the service, please contact us by email at

When you do business with hvisk, your warranty to complain extends for 24 months. If you want to claim for a product under the warranty, please email hvisk within a reasonable time from when you discovered the defect. Please include in the email your order ID, itemnameand number, as well as a detailed description of the defect. If hvisk finds the complaint to be valid, we will send you a return label so you can return the product without incurring a cost.

Complaints that are sent within two months after discovering the defect will always be considered as being within a reasonable time period. It is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not occurred due to incorrect use of the product or other damage caused to the product. 

When dealing with a complaint for which you have received a return label, please enclose the receipt with your name, email address and order ID, and a detailed description of the complaint. Remember that the item must always be sent back in proper packaging, and remember to get a postage receipt from the courier you use.

Goods returned due tocomplaintwill be repaired or replaced with a new and similar item within seven working days ofhvisk’sreceipt of your item. If the replacement item is out of stock, your purchase sum will be credited to your account within seven working days. 


Complaints should be sent to:


Ny Østergade 9, 4. sal

1101 Copenhagen K

Please mark the package with “hvisk Complaint”.


If you have any questions about complaints, please send an email to



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