At hvisk you have a 30 day return policy on all items. The item must be returned to hvisk within 30 days from receipt. The item must be returned in the same condition and quantity as upon receipt. This means that the item must be unused, with all original hvisk packaging and the item must not be damaged. The right of withdrawal will lapse if you use the item in a way that clearly reduces its sales value.

When hvisk has received your returns, the purchase sum will be credited to your account within approx. seven weekdays. For payments made by credit card refunds are made to the same account.

hvisk checks all goods before they are dispatched. However should there be any defects in the product or errors in the service, please contact us by email at
When you do business with hvisk you have 24 months’ right to complain. Any customer wishing to use their warranty for a purchased product should contact hvisk by mail as soon as possible once the defect has been discovered. Please state your orderID, item number and name, as well as a detailed description of the defect in the email. If hvisk believes that the complaint is valid, we will send you a return label so you can return the item without cost.

Inquiries regarding complaints that are sent within two months after discovering the defect will always be considered as being within a reasonable time period. It is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not occurred due to incorrect use of the product or other damage caused to the product.

When dealing with a complaint, for which you have received a return label, please enclose the receipt with your name, email address and orderID and a detailed description of the complaint. Remember that the item must always be sent back in proper packaging and remember to get a receipt for postage from the courier you use.

Goods returned due to complaint will be repaired or replaced with a new and similar item within seven weekdays from when hvisk receives your returned item. If the replacement item is out of stock, your purchase sum will be credited to your account within seven weekdays. 

Complaints must be sent to:
Hovedvagtsgade 8, 2. th
1103 København K

Mark the package with “hvisk Complaint”.

If you have any questions about complaints, please send an email to


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