Our Design


hvisk jewellery is designed by up-and-coming jewellery designers, who collaborate closely together throughout the design process. Everyone at hvisk has a passion for jewellery design and trend spotting, 
and therefore the whole hvisk team come up with suggestions for our designers.


We work with several talented producers in Thailand to achieve the highest quality. Our jewellery is provided by skilled goldsmiths, who specialise in hand-made jewellery, and who work with our broad universe of designs with great professionalism.


We see the design process as an open and flexible process, in which creativity and sparring take place interactively between people. We see our stylists as a source of inspiration for new designs. Our stylists’ creative stylings will therefore also be an important part of the design process of new jewellery. We believe that it is the basis for a continuous and innovative concept.


We produce jewellery in genuine materials: Sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver, rhodinated sterling silver 14 and 18 carat gold with natural and precious stones.


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